Second underwater museum constructed in Sri Lanka declared open in Trincomalee

Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva declared open Sri Lanka’s second underwater museum which was constructed off the Sandy Bay beach in Trincomalee on 10th July 2020. Sri Lanka’s first-ever underwater museum off Galle shores was opened on 05th April 2020.

The second underwater museum was built off the Sandy Bay beach under the close supervision of the Commander of the Navy and the construction work was carried out utilizing the manpower of the Sri Lanka Navy. Especially, the location of the museum off the Sandy Bay beach area attracts both local and foreign tourists.

All the statues placed here have been handmade by naval personnel and these unique sculptures have been produced from concrete and eco-friendly materials. Tokyo Cement Corporation sponsored for these cement constructions.

The site will promote the formation of corals which will be an added beauty to the site with the passage of time. The whole underwater story has been set at a depth of around 60ft within an area of 150ft length and 85ft width, closer to Sandy Bay beach area providing a unique sightseeing experience for anyone who swim or dive in this area.

The main aim of this project is to promote the regeneration of corals and fish breeding. It is very encouraging to see that the fish breeding has already started at this underwater museum site. By the next season, it is certain that tourists will be able to dive in this area. However, the fishery community is advised not to engage in fishing at this site during the initial stage, as once fish breeding to take place the fishers could reap its maximum benefits in the future.

Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva who is a veteran in underwater diving, declared open this second underwater museum by cutting the ribbon. Addressing on this occasion, Commander of the Navy expressed his thanks to Commander Eastern Naval Area, Naval personnel of Command Diving Unit and other officers and sailors of the command for playing a commendable role during the construction of this mega project.

Another underwater museum of this nature is planned to be constructed in Tangalle area in the future, the Navy said.

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