Sri Lanka to delay reopening of airports amidst spike in coronavirus cases

Sri Lanka will delay the reopening of airports that have remained shut since March 18, amidst a surge in coronavirus cases, officials said.

Coronavirus cases soared to 2612 on Sunday following the detection of a cluster in Kandakadu, with experts warning that the situation could lead to a second wave.

“We hope to hold discussions with the health sector and delay the reopening of the airports for the safety of the people,” aviation minister Prasanna Ranatunga said.

Airports have remained closed since the virus started spreading in the country, and has affected the revenue generating aviation and tourism sectors.

Following the spike in cases, authorities said the repatriation of Sri Lankan expatriates will also be suspended until further notice.

“…there is no space to accommodate them at quarantine centres in the country,” the minister said explaining the reason behind the latest decision.

At least 776 repatriated Sri Lankans are among the infected people, according to health ministry.

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