Sri Lanka to limit consular services in three more countries

Towards limiting the transmission of COVID-19 and to ensure effective implementation of the travel restrictions imposed on the newly designated countries, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has initiated action to regulate the consular services in three more countries.

This measure will accordingly be in effect from midnight 23:59 hrs today (March 15) Belgium (Brussels), the United Kingdom (London) and Norway (Oslo).

The decision stems from the fact that the Government has renewed the list of designated countries adding three more destinations and to ably support the efforts at restricting all inbound travels of personnel from point of origins deemed potentially threatening and contemplating lockdown.

Accordingly, from 16 March 2020, consular services offered by Sri Lanka Missions will be limited to the issuance of emergency travel documents, issuance of certification and related documents connected to death, and any other emergency services considered necessary.

These services will be extended by the respective Missions on a case by case basis and strictly with a prior appointment secured from Missions in order to avoid unnecessary concentration of Sri Lankans or foreigners in Mission premises.

The Foreign Ministry yesterday (14) announced that consular services in 11 Sri Lanka Missions overseas commencing 16 March until further notice.

These countries include Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

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